Daugavpils Youth Centre

Daugavpils Pilsetas Jauniesu Dome

Daugavpils city council recognized several years ago that the learning process for children and youth were too focused on rigid, inflexible, time and place-bound methods. The traditional learning methods needed to be diversified in order to create well-educated, engaged and active citizens within the community. That was the main problem that the Daugavpils Youth Centre for Non Formal Education was focused in. Since its birth the Youth Centre has become much more than that, positioning itself has a dynamics generator within the local community and opening up a whole new world of possibilities for youth in Daugavpils. The Youth Centre focuses on creating the environment and the necessary substrate to stimulate youth to discover and investigate into their own tastes, objectives, preferences and even their own community.

The Youth Centre currently hosts 26 organizations which contribute in a proactive way to the Youth Centre’s agenda and dynamics, putting together a calendar of activities for the whole year. It is quite common and easy to access dance, circus, music or vocals lessons. There are sports, theatre, arts, design and photography focused organizations. Events in areas such as staging of historical moments and dates, DJ contests and parties or even martial arts demonstrations are very common during the year.

These multifaceted space brings its unique contribution to the project in the sense that it has been able to create an environment that feels like a “House of Organizations” and this organizations contribute to the infrastructure’s dynamics and maintenance, leaving part of their revenue to the Youth Centre.Daugavpils brings a more informal, exploratory and self-centered approach to local youth’s development and growth through the Youth Centre.

Youthcenter in Asti = Fuoriluogo

Fuoriluogo Youthcentre in Asti, Italy

Fuoriluogo is one of the beating hearts of Asti, Italy. It is probably the most important cultural and social driver for youth in the city. FuoriLuogo is a “house of culture” where writers, musicians, journalists and creatives of all kinds can meet and deal with an audience that is ultimately protagonist of events. It is an educational and training opportunity for students wishing to approach a career path in the field of culture. Fuoriluogo is a dynamic and multifaceted centre for young creatives and a shared space for professionals where future collaborations can be born sitting informally at the Caffè. FuoriLuogo is, for everyone, a lively and stimulating structure. In a nutshell, FuoriLuogo is part of the contemporary world and the place where culture meets economic sustainability in Asti, Italy.

Fuoriluogo means in Italian “Out of place” and it was brought to life by a genuine civil movement and dynamic within the Asti community. The citizens of Asti teamed up with the municipality, which converter this ancient and abandoned building at the heart of Asti. From this moment on it was all about community engagement, youth, citizenship, cultural dynamics and socioeconomic development.

Fuoriluogo provides a diverse set of spaces and rooms that you can use to work, create, teach or simply for a private event. The spaces encompasses an events hall, a cafe and several common areas that make it a fantastic option for any kind of event right at the center of this city of the Piemonte region.

Fuoriluogo is, all in all, a story incubator, told, heard and lived, moved mostly by locals, especially local youth with the precious support of the Asti municipality. Fuoriluogo makes cultural business with their own idea of ​​cultural enterprise as the birth of a new concept of place: an outpost.

For more information check their Facebook page (fuoriluogoasti).

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For getting in touch with the Europe On a Doorstep – #EUdoor – project cofunded by the Europe for Citizens programme from the European Commission.

The executive team, all the partners and participants are very glad to share their work, ideas, projects and insights with you. If you have reached us through our publication or via online channels, it means that you are focused on youth engagement, youth participation, active citizenship and Europe. Well, then it means that your concerns are our concerns as well.

This network aims at sharing good ideas with youth workers, local leaders, youth and political agents that might turn them into relevant tools to create engaging, dynamic and youthful projects that contribute to a more active citizenship in their communities. We hope to encompass the good practices that the network of towns involved in the #EUdoor project shared and developed in order to make it feasible in your community among your youngest citizens.

To do so we organized those good practices and examples in four major categories: 1) spaces to be young and engaged, 2) youthful and community engaging ideas, 3) youth participation made real and 4) campaigns by and for youth.

Moreover, we wanted to share with you examples of activities executed during this project by it’s partners, plus some relevant tips for campaigns on the European Union’s values and principles awareness that could be helpful to reach broader audiences and convey our message in a more effective way.

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