European Election in Bulgaria by IFSI Bulgaria

IFSI Activity during EU Parliament elections

The Institute for Social Integration in Bulgaria (IFSI Bulgaria) is a very dynamic and impactful NGO in the field of democracy, participation and transparency all over the country. With their agenda in full swing during 2019, the European Parliament elections were a mandatory date to be celebrated and to engage with citizens. Tagging along the This Time I’m Voting Europe-wide campaign, IFSI Bulgaria organized a fictional voting station with a special ballot: designed by the This Time I’m Voting Campaign with a blank space to complete the sentence “This Time I’m Voting for”.

The idea was to stimulate citizen’s reflections on their reasons to vote in the European elections and with this reflection promote the European values and, possibly, motivate citizens to advocate for the European project amongst their fellow citizens and within their community.

Remember the 6 Handshakes Rule in campaigning methods?! Well… IFSI Bulgaria brought the symbolic voting act along with the motivations from the symbolic voters to the social media world and they started spreading the message. So the physical act and event got digital wings and spread out through digital Bulgaria to thousands of potential voters.

The message was clear and coherent with the European-level campaign and IFSI Bulgaria gave it a Bulgaria-wide boost through a symbolic voting session and social media campaigning… You can find out more on their facebook page ( or on their website (

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